Ochazuke Japanese Cuisine

Ochazuke お茶漬け is a Japanese rice with hot green tea or hot soup stock. The dish is easy to make and provides a way to use leftover rice as a quick snack. It is also known as cha-cha gohan. Since the 1970s packaged "instant ochazuke", consisting of freeze-dried toppings and seasonings, have become popular.

Obon Fesitval

Obon Fesitval is hold during the month of August. Families release floating lanterns into the water to represent their ancestors’ spirits being sent off. This is a really beautiful celebration in Japan. Feels like meteors rocketing into the river.


Sake or Nihonshu, the so called "Japanese rice wine", is traditionally considered as a sacred alcoholic beverage. We have the custom to hit and break open the lid of a sake barrel by a wooden mallet, which is known as Kagami Biraki (open the mirror) to celebrate happy events, such as weddings, store opening events, ritual events held at shrines.